Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's start over, shall we..?

Hello fellow beings, apparently when I last said my head wasn't working, it took it to heart (head, heart..hehe you see that?! No?!, never mind) and kind of stayed pissed off at me till I gave in and said 'You know what, let's go ahead and puke out some thoughts'. So in case, you get bored/agitated/slightly manic..remember its my head, not me talking.
So a lot has happened (not) over the last few years- kids grew older but didn't grow up, still in the same home, still don't have a dog (dang!) and still am a complainer but let's look at this way, at least I won't have to bore you with all the lah-dee-dah stuff happening in my life (fellow bloggers with highly amusing lives- take that, ha!)
Firstly I want to alter a few things- definitely the look of my blog. I mean face it- I don't have have freakin' tulips where I live, heck not even fake tulips unrecognisable flowers!
I am a klutz when it comes to anything with a mind of it's own (read technology) so it's going take me a while to figure out how to have a great look for this space, and all the little clever stuff other bloggers resort I ask this of you- don't judge me, I am highly sensitive so really tone down the harsh comments and throw in a few encouraging bits here and there :)
Secondly, this isn't a food blog or one to do with health/natural living/new age stuff and yet it may have all of them!
I told ya- I may confuse you or even make you flee but one thing I will not be is a wall flower or tulips, for that matter!!
Ciao folks! 

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