Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parenting my Parents...

Have you sometimes noticed that our parents can be such a source of frustration...I don't mean it in a mean way.
I love my parents to death and ,like any other doting daughter ,think that they are the best thing since sliced bread.But even I have to admit that sometimes getting"through" to them is as complex of a process as it is getting into the mind of a hormone-raging-muddled-rebellious teenager.
In fact , it's almost amusing to see how we sort of start acting all parenty on them once we reach a respectable adult age, and think now we know what's good for them.

I've been going nuts over the past week trying to figure these guys out ( it's an annual pasttime)...and still have no clue. Is it that one merely gets more stubborn as one grows older, or is it a fierce show of "I'am still your mom/dad and I know what's what"??

O.K so we are all here on annual are going wild, chores have increased ,any semblance of order and routine has gone disarray..naturally one's temper can sometimes get the better of oneself. And it frustrates me when I see my parents fussing and clucking around us ( hey..I should be fussing around them!)

My dad is the kind of guy who is, in short modern terminology , hyperactive. The man cannot sit still( knock wood)!! Infact vivid childhood memories of him consist of a blur,fast as lightning, darting from one end to another-cleaning, helping mom out in the kitchen,gardening,fixing,washing-you name it and he has been there ,done that.

I get it....there are tons of people who are like that, esp the older generation(which gives them another reason to call us a lazy bunch of sloths). However I always assumed this darting around would slow down a bit as age caught up. But apparently my dad thinks he has the stamina of a 20 yr old( which is good..Dr. Oz would be proud).However,I want him to realize it's sometimes o.k to sit back and let others do the work for him. I mean , let's face it, it is a little embarassing when you have your dad still iron your clothes for you coz he loves ironing( of all things...why didn't I inherit all this from him..on the other thanks!) .
Although I guess I should count myself lucky that I have such great parents ..and I know they are fantastic, generous, spirited people. But I wish they would stop doing so much for us..and know that it's fine sometimes to accept ,instead of giving and giving..
Hurray though for such parents..what ever would we do without them..?!

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