Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who am I to Complain??

I have a confession to make..and no, it's not hard for me to come out with this. In fact ,it's not even probably a secret,it's so damn obvious.
Simply put, Iam a whiner.Grumbler, complainer..and all of that..
I dont even remember when I first noticed this habit..perhaps it was always lurking somewhere within my personality. And, I say lurking because I do know that I never grumbled this much back in school or even college...and yes..I'am going to come out and say it--it manifested itself in all it's glory after I entered marital bliss. Having kids over the years just gave it further momentum and now it's a full time hobby. But I will say in my defence Iam not your typical whiner...I find complaining about mundane things boring. After all who cares if the next door neighbour didn't smile at you( "How rude!! I just gave her a ride the other day!") or if the househelp didnt clean the corner of the bathroom well enough. See what I meant by mundane( although other fellow whiners might object )!
Not for me these frivolous issues...I have bigger battles to fight!!I t usually starts with me glancing at the front page of the newspaper only to see the current state of the world. I will deplete a solid 30 minutes worth of energy in moaning about corrupt politicians, starving children, wars, world peace and the state of the environment...I can't help it.
I'am the only mom in the apartment complex who doesn't ever sit down and relax with other moms ,tired after a busy day.You'll find me standing like a guard near the kids,watching out for bullies, rash drivers and safety hazards.
The worse part is I don't have an audience!!!! What is wrong with this world? I talk about crazy madmen driving on our roads...noone bats an eyelid. Concern about chemicals in food and hyperactivity in kids...yawn. That horrible story on widows and orphans in Iraq...." what's for dinner?". I test them once more...."I missed the IIFA awards".......and suddenly Iam flooded with hysterical outbursts, condolences, looks of sympathy. AARGGGHH...
My husband, once fed up of my yakking(in his words!) , asked me why I had to have such complicated compaints..why couldn't I have simpler, more "normal" ones?!!After all..there's nothing much I can do about these, is there now?
So I figured it's probably better I try to stop complaining altogether...dunno if anyone has heard of these, but you actually get these "complaint free bracelets" which are supposed to wean you away from grumbling every time you look at them. And they are free apparently and delivered to i happily sent them a request to send me some...i'ts been a year..and now Iam complaining about complaint-free bracelets. Oh, the irony of it all...


  1. Hahaha... good one...!!!
    You seemed to be fed up with the world. There is a solution for your problems. "What you sow is what you reap" so its the negative vibes from you that is creating problems for you. So just try to stay positive & take everything positively, you will definitely notice the change.

    I am waiting for your next post "Magic of POSITIVE VIBES" ;):)

  2. hey.. nice post there! :)

    u'd be delighted to know that u've got company.. mundanity isn't my piece of cake (read 'box of complaints') either!! i stick on to nothing less than editorial-page stuff! :P
    anyway, complaining is good in a way..keeps u occupied, and u feel u r in a 'higher plane'... hehe..

    gr8 blogging!!