Friday, July 3, 2009

Is" vacation time" truly one for a mom?

I actually am sitting here typing like a crazy woman because I know my 3 yr old , though asleep, is not really "sleeping" if you know what I mean...he is programmed and wired to sit up and start wailing the moment I get down to serious that normal..I mean how can any human being, in the midst of blissful sleep, zoom into a state of awareness, all in the span of a fraction of a fraction of a second? Hmm....
My status everywhere proudly proclaims that I'am on a vacation but dont let that fool siree...Im working full time and how! What is it with holidays and motherhood..They seem to be juxtaposed against each other.
Anyhow, I would rather not complain...atleast there is no school..which means less of harried mornings..which is a good thing, right?
Speaking of harried mornings, since schools in India are up and running...I have the front row seat to see other moms running around..I must admit, I have become a tad sadistic in deriving pleasure from seeing others going crazy instead of me, for a change. You know the breathless, red faced parents honking in front of the schools, nonchalant kids who don't give a damn ..ah, the beauty of it all! It would be quite hilarious but for the fact that I know it's tough for us...but I seriously have to calm down a little. I hope to dear God I don't look like that breathless looking lady who's ready to pop!
Are there other moms out there who dream up all sorts of rosy dreams about the routine they are going to follow during the holidays..I don't know what it is that makes us think our kids are going to go along with what we say, when it never, ever happens during the rest of the year!! In my dreams, my school going son was waking up late, allowing me to sleep in, brushing his teeth without being told a 100 times, doing his holiday H.W, eating all his veggies and coming along with me enthusiastically to wherever it is I asked him to come....and being nice while doing all this!!! Think Iam going to faint!!!
News flash...dream on!!!!If anything he's more of a slouch..ok I give up..!!!
And my younger one just got up with great timing..gotta go..
If my dreams had their younger one would be waking up with a big smile and saying" Don't mind me, keep Blogging mummy"....
Ya , right!!!!!

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  1. Good start, "THE DREAMS OF A HELPLESS-MOMMY" would be another apt title for this post ;)
    The way you opened up as the post progressed is great.

    As its your 1st post i give u 8/10, there is a great lot to improve. Anyways Happy blogging